Police officer Arshad Khan ‘terrorises’ doctors, para-medics

Cop detained an ambulances carrying bullet-hit youth Friday evening; he has thrice entered the hospital and beaten up staff, says medical superintendetn of Bijbehara hospital

SRINAGAR: Doctors and para-medics  in Bijbehara protested on Saturday against a police officer, Arshad Khan, whom they accused of detaining ambulances carrying injured persons.
They organised a sit-in protest within the premises of sub-district hospital Bijbehara, holding in hands the banners and placards that read ‘Stop Violence’ , ‘Allow Ambulances To Move’, and asked the government to act against station house officer Arshad Khan.
The protesting employees said Khan last evening detained an ambulance ferrying an injured youth to Srinagar hospital for advanced treatment.
“A youth with bullet injury in foot was brought to the hospital last evening. After being given first aid he was referred to Srinagar. However the policemen stopped the ambulance near Sangam and forced the driver to move back to police station Bijbehara. The ambulance along with the injured was detained for more than an hour,” medical superintendent SDH Bijbehara Dr Showkat told Kashmir Reader.
The police officer, Dr Showkat said, also abused and threatened the doctor on night duty over phone after he had requested him to release the ambulance.
He added that Khan has forcibly entered into the hospital along with policemen thrice since the anti-India uprising started on July 9 and thrashed and harassed the staff.
“He first entered the hospital when he and his men beat up both the staff and two injured boys who were being sent to Srinagar for treatment in an ambulance,” Dr Showkat told Kashmir Reader.
A para-medic, requesting anonymity, said Khan had cut the IV cords of one of the two injured youth in the ambulance.
The said police officer is also accused of beating an elderly woman after barging into her home last month. The woman after being beaten had to be admitted at district hospital Anantnag for three days for her injuries.
The protesting doctors resumed work after the deputy commissioner Anantnag assured them of “looking into the matter”.
“It was the protest against SHO only not against police. We have written to the deputy commissioner in detail about his high handedness,” Dr Showkat said.
A local news agency, CNS, quoted Khan as saying that the ambulance was taken to police station for “the sake of investigation”.
“Police did not open any fire in the town last evening. And there was no deployment in the area when the youth was hit by a bullet. The doctors without informing police bundled the injured into ambulance for Srinagar. We simply stopped the ambulance and took the same to police station for ten minutes for the sake of investigation,” Khan told CNS.

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