Man assaulted in his vehicle, blinded

SRINAGAR: Tariq Ahmad, 26, was assaulted by unidentified men on Wednesday night when he was ferrying his cousin to hospital. The assault has damaged his right eye to the extent that doctors say he may never see with it again.
His cousin had asked for a lift to district hospital Anantnag after complaining of shooting stomach pain.
“We left at 9.30 pm. But when we crossed Weipoh flyover at Harnagh, Anantnag, my car was stoned from all sides. One stone hit my right eye and it started bleeding. I only saw persons in civvies. I cannot say who they were. Whether they were protesters or police who knows,” he said.
Tariq, the eldest son in the seven-member family, is the main earner for the family. His three sisters and a younger brother are studying. A year ago, he bought a load carrier costing Rs 4.5 lakh after getting a loan of Rs 3.5 lakh. He is supposed to pay a monthly instalment of Rs 8,200.
His uncle, Fayaz Ahmad Wani, told Kashir Reader that doctors have said Tariq won’t recover his eyesight.
Although Fayaz was ready to sell five kanals of land, the only property the family owns, on treatment if it could save his eye, doctors have advised him against trying.
His nose bone has also been damaged. His family has kept him ignorant about his injuries. Tariq’s inquiry has shattered his mother.
“I always advised him to marry but he refused.  He wanted his sisters to complete education, marry them off first. He is himself crippled for life now,” said his mother and broke down.
An ATM guard was mercilessly murdered at Karan Nagar in the night. A pellet gun had been put on his belly and more than 300 pellets had been pumped into his body. Body of a youth, who had left home to drop his brother-in-law, was found murdered in a field in Pulwama.
Unidentified persons have assaulted three Kashmir Reader staffers and scores of people.

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