Kashmir: Geelani-led Hurriyat warns people for defying joint resistance programme

Srinagar: While commenting on of “some” Sumo, Auto drivers and traders in Srinagar’s uptown area, Hurriyat Conference-led by Syed Ali Geelani on Friday warned those who try to defy joint resistance programme would be “treated as traitors and will be dealt accordingly”.
“If such people have some problem or face any hardship, they should  contact the representatives of their Mohalla Committee but we request them not to be the part of the Indian and its local collaborators game plan to sabotage the ongoing struggle for right to self-determination. Whosoever tries to do so will be treated as a traitor and dealt with accordingly,” said a Hurriyat spokesman in a statement.
Terming the strict restrictions on Friday throughout the valley as a religious interference , he said that the government forces always deprive the people of their basic and fundamental rights including those concerned with their religion and faith.

“Preventing and putting curbs for Friday prayers in most of the major Masjids of  the Valley is the worst kind of human rights violation. These Mosques are waiting for their Nimaziz for the last 4-5 weeks, but the puppet rulers planted by India have lost their moral and ethical values,” he said.
He said when somebody is even “ashamed of being a Muslim, what else we can expect from such people”. “This unfortunate piece of land has been turned into a large garrison where people can’t express themselves even in tough times. Gagging the voice of oppressed is the instrument always used by occupation forces as they only know the language of force and repression to calm and silence the just voice,” he added.


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