Victims explain how they were ‘targeted’

SRINAGAR: Bhat Imran, a resident of Khansahab, Budgam, was part of a protest. He was shot in his foot. He said he was targeted by the forces as if they wanted to kill him
“Around 10, 000 protesters were peacefully marching towards the market when 33 RR stationed there fired at us indiscriminately, without any warning. Bullets hit my foot, fracturing four toes. The army wanted to kill the protesters.”

Adil was also participating in the protest at Khansahab, Budgam.  He is yet to be operated upon, while the doctors are trying their best to save his leg from amputation.
“The army caught hold of five or six protesters and started beating them up. A few of us tried to save them, and succeeded in freeing them from the clutches of the army men. But they shot at my leg. Then, I was dragged on the ground and assaulted. I would have died right there if some boys didn’t rescue me.”

Mudasir, 16, is a class 11 student. He was also injured during the protest at Khansahab, Budgam.  He has undergone an operation, and is due to face a second one in the coming days.
“I and other protesters were trying to run to safety. The army first fired several shots at one protester, but missed the target. Then, they targeted me. I was shot twice in the leg. I thought I died. I have no idea who took me to the hospital.”

Rashid was shot in the leg during a protest at Chadoora, Budgam. The doctors are not sure whether or not he will be able to walk again.
An eyewitness explains: “The government forces starting firing tear-smoke and pellets at the protesters near Chadoora. And people started running in all directions. Rashid was in the market, returning to his home. Then, army’s 53 RR started firing indiscriminately. He was shot in his leg five times”..

Altaf, a resident of Shopian, has his arm fractured by a bullet fired by the government forces.
“Last Saturday, at around 5 pm, there was stone pelting going on far away from our village–Imam Sahab. Our village was peaceful. Suddenly, the government forces appeared in our village, and started to smash window panes of the houses and beat up everyone. It sparked a protest, with protesters pelting stones at the forces. They fired pellets, and then bullets. I was hit with pellets at first, and then a bullet hit my arm.”

Amir, 22, was shot at by the paramilitary CRPF men at Sopore, Baramulla. He is afraid of returning to home.
“At Amargarh, Sopore, our rally was stopped by the CRPF men. They tried to chase us away, fired in the air, and used tear-smoke and pellets. I took shelter inside a mosque, and climbed to its first floor. But they continued to chase me. I escaped to the second floor before the forces cordoned off the mosque. They were certain to shoot and kill me. I took the risk and jumped from the window. I broke my leg, but managed to save my life by crawling to safety through a field.  People saved me and took me to a hospital.”

The victims are undergoing treatment at the Bone and Joints Hospital, Srinagar. According to the medical superintendent concerned, Dr A R Budoo, the hospital received 101 patients since the ongoing uprising started and performed 90 major surgeries.

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  1. madhukar   August 11, 2016 at 2:58 pm

    why are you even protesting? If you protest violently then the police or army will respond in the same manner. I saw a 16 year old boy injured. Whats a 16 year old boy doing in the streets? Pelting stones and bombs on Indian army? I am sorry, we dont distribute sweets to these people even if kids for that. They will be shot.


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