This camp at SMHS provides food to 5,000 persons daily

This camp at SMHS provides food to 5,000 persons daily
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SRINAGAR: For more than a month, youths from Bemina and Qamarwari here have been working around the clock to prepare about 5,000 packets of food daily for the patients and attendants at the SMHS Hospital.
Theirs is the only camp—run under the banner of Youth Welfare Committee Bemina—that is also open at night.
On July 10, two days after the militant commander Burhan Wani’s killing, Salafi Tawseef, Haji Nisaar, and Ismael, all residents of Bemina, and Umer Bhat of Qamarwari set up the relief camp for the patients and attendants visiting the hospital during the ongoing uprising.
And the tireless efforts made subsequently by them and dozens of other volunteers have turned the camp into one of the most-useful facilities in the city.
From the very first day, the volunteers associated with the camp haven’t gone to their homes; the camp has been the home in which they barely manage enough rest.
Yet, they show no signs of tiredness, and are ready to continue their good work till need be.
Bhat said they have a daily requirement of four to five quintals of rice, 300 to 4oo litres of milk, and nearly 30 litres of edible oil.
“It reaches us from all corners of the Valley. We receive it, and use it to prepare food for the needy,” he said. “We are maintaining a record of the donations received and the expenditures.”
The camp, he said, was free of government and political interference and solely dependent on the people’s contributions.
Tawseef said they visited the hospital on the second day of the uprising, and decided to set up the camp after seeing the influx of patients at the hospital.
“On the first day,” he explained, “we visited Bemina and made a call on mosques’ loudspeakers for the people to contribute to the camp.”
“This was not sufficient to feed the injured people and their attendants. So, we had to accept donations from south and north Kashmir to be able to make it a round-the-clock camp.”
South Kashmir was the major contributor to the camp, he said.
“We provide food to an average 4,000 to 5,000 souls daily,” Tawseef said.
Besides, the volunteers have been proving assistance to the staff and other voluntary organisations at the hospital.
The attendants at the hospital hail the efforts being put in by the volunteers of the camp.
Dilshada, mother of a severely-injured pellet victim, said: “Due to their tireless efforts, I never had the need to leave my son for food or something. Without them, I may not have been able to manage the things, as I have no money left to buy food.”
The volunteers appealed to contact Haji Nisar on 9906596755 or 9622721999 for donations.

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