First Kashmiri blinded by pellets waits for dawn of Azadi

First Kashmiri blinded by pellets waits for dawn of Azadi
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First Kashmiri blinded by pellets waits for dawn of AzadiBaramulla: The first Kashmiri to lose his eyesight to pellets was Amir Kabir Beigh of Towheed Gunj, old town Baramulla. He lost both his eyes six years ago in the September 2010 unrest.
The young man now says God will give him justice in the form of Kashmir’s Azadi.
“It was the 18th of September 2010, evening time, when government forces fired several pellets into my eyes, near the Azad Gunj bridge near the old Baramulla hospital,” Amir told Kashmir Reader on Wednesday. “There was unrest and stone-pelting throughout the day but in the evening it was calm. I was going back home with some important commodities and medicine but a group of government forces fired directly at me; I received several pellet injures in my eyes. Then they left me alone and escaped from the spot. After some time, someone took me to the hospital. I spent several months in different hospitals of Kashmir. Doctors tried hard but they couldn’t save my eyes. Since that time I am completely blind.”
Amir said that his parents spent lakhs of rupees on the treatment of his eyes but “it was God’s will” that nothing came out of it. Amir said that he was thankful to be alive and waiting for the day when India leaves from Kashmir. “I want to say to all the parents of the victims and those who received pellet injuries in their eyes that God is great, He will give us recompense as Azadi.”
Amir said that Allah would help the pellet victims in leading their life. He also called for a ban on pellet guns. “It is a very dangerous weapon. The world community should ban it throughout the world. India should remember that they may blind us, kill us, but they cannot stop us from achieving our goal.”
Wasim Ahmad, a close friend of Amir, said that Amir used to roam around with friends in the lawns of old town Baramulla, but since he became blind, he has been unable to go out with friends on evening walks. “Pellets totally changed the life of Amir. Now he is only waiting for the day when we get our Azadi,” Wasim said.
In 2011, Amir had registered a case with the State Human Rights Commission seeking action against the guilty cops. “But police filed false charges against me in the case,” Amir said.

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