Netizens fume over school education dept’s ’emotional’ post

Netizens fume over school education dept’s ’emotional’ post

By Iqbal Kirmani
Srinagar: The Directorate of School Education Kashmir (DSEK) on Tuesday drew flak on its official Facebook page from people after it posted an emotional message urging students to return to the schools.
“Come back, before we forget the art of teaching and you forget the joy of learning, come back to salvage the old friendship. We miss you,” the post on the DSEK’s page read. “Without you our days are lifeless. Children, when are coming back to school? It has been a long time since the last morning prayer, since the last afternoon huddle.
The educational institutions in Kashmir, like everything else, have been shut down in the state since the pro-Independence uprising started on July 9.

“Hide children hide.
Till this darkness is over.
Let the tear gas go away.
I will teach you another day.
Hide children hide.
There is butcher with his sword.
Who will shoot you without a word.
Hide children hide.
Don’t mourn if someone dies.
Or They will shoot you in your eyes.
Hide children hide.
Your friend had gone to play.
Luk he now lies beneath the clay.
Hide children hide.”

Since then there have been widespread protests across the valley which has been largely put been under curfew.
In the third week of the uprising, the state’s education department, in a sense, using children as ‘a human shields’ to break the deadlock between the shutdown and curfew ordered the opening of the government schools in various districts even while most of the Kashmir was under curfew.
While people had greeted the government’s decision of opening schools with disbelief and revulsion, DSEK’s today’s post seemed to have added to the irritation of Kashmiri Internet users as a string of angry comments followed the post.
The people who commented on the post called the message ‘emotional blackmailing’, ‘writing things for fun’, ‘shame on Naeem (Akhtar –J-K cabinet minister of education)’.
“You should start a crash course for students and teachers on ‘how to save oneself from pellets,’” Taqweem Khan, one of the people who commented on the post, had written.
Another Internet user, Fozia Tariq, asked DSEK to post the message at ‘the grave yard, the hospitals and the police stations’.
“They can’t listen to you, they are in graves. They can’t see this bcoz (because) they are blinded by pellets. They can’t read this bcoz (because) they are illegally arrested,” replied Suhail Khan, another commentator.
A user with the profile name, Au Wahid, even posted a poem against the DSEK post urging children to save themselves.

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