Fruit growers say will follow protest programmes, ready to bear losses

Fruit growers say will follow protest programmes, ready to bear losses

SRINAGAR: Stating that they would follow the pro-freedom leadership’s protest programmes “in letter and spirit”, the Kashmir Valley Fruit Growers Cum Dealers Association (KVFG) on Saturday said that it was ready to bear “business losses to any extent to take the ongoing movement to its logical conclusion”.
In a statement issued here, general secretary of the association said that a meeting of the association’s office bearers was held under the chairmanship of Bashir Ahmad Basheer.
The meeting, he said, decided that they would “act upon the leadership’s programmes in letter and spirit from time to time”.
“The association shares the sentiments of the general public and was ready to bear all possible losses,” he said.
The association also condemned the killing of civilians and the use of pellet guns on protesters. It also passed a resolution, demanding immediate ban on the use of pellets and “severe punishment” to government forces involved in the civilian killings.
“The government of India may put all efforts for immediate settlement of Kashmir dispute according to wishes of the common people,” it demanded, appealing the world bodies to take immediate notice of the prevailing situation in the Valley.
“Pressurise the government of India to stop the innocent killings and usage of pellets on peaceful protests with directions for immediate settlement of Kashmir despite on consultation with Hurriyat.”
The growers’ association also demanded an end to the arrest of civilians and “unconditional release” of the detained youth and pro-freedom leaders.

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  1. Seema   August 7, 2016 at 3:30 am

    It is important that the Kashmiri Struggle for FREEDOM is clearly postmarked to its annexation by the Mughal Emperor Akbar in 1589. The current phase of our struggle, beginning in October 1947, bears uncanny resemblance to the Mughal occupation in that both were achieved through deceit. The good news is that our just and peaceful Movement has successfully passed on to the next generation of Kashmiris – our future. KVFG’s statement is significant because this industry is the backbone of our economy. Everyone is willing, ready and committed to make the necessary sacrifices to achieve FREEDOM from military oppression. To ensure we succeed in our legitimate and peaceful struggle, it is time re-organise the Movement for our times. The need for constantly educating the masses and to keep them peacefully mobilised is the central requirement for sustainability and success. New Delhi will only ‘bend’ when international pressure becomes unbearable (Kashmiris must never hope that New Delhi will ever face any internal pressure to respond to genuine Kashmiri demands – India remains too communal and sectarian for that to happen). To bring international pressure to bear on New Delhi, the public Movement must remain peaceful. Peaceful CIVIL DISOBEDIANCE, must become the core expression of our struggle. This needs to be coupled with SOCIAL OSTRACISM of politicians and public figures who are the main instrument of New Delhi’s Yoke of Occupation (‘yepit’) around Kashmiri necks; let’s not forget – there is innocent blood on their hands and they have darkened the future of many of our youth. There also needs to be a GRASSROOTS ORGANISATION of the Movement (better than the Mahaz-e-Raishumari). Every Village, every Mohalla must have an elected Committee. The Committee Members can provide local relief and choose one among them to be a Member of the Kashmir Parliament (we have to be constitutionally provocative, after all it is our constitutional rights that New Delhi has usurped). The Central Committee of the Huriyat can partly consist of the members elected by the Parliament with the existing Leadership of the Movement as permanent Members (owing to their long sacrifices). This will make Huriyat both representative as well as do away with the schism that has weakened the Movement for too long. It will also win the Leaders of the Movement legitimacy in the broader international arena and, yes, this will be our exercise into real democracy. Finally, public intellectuals, professionals and academics must join forces and re-invigorate the Civil Society of Kashmir (e.g. KCDS). They must then volunteer for all aspects of the civil society work. In addition to being an independent watchdog for the Society they must visit all 4,800 villages in the Valley and the Chenab belt to educate the masses about the Movement and its requirements including educating them about the damage the Movement suffers when they vote for Delhi sponsored (PDP) and Delhi financed (NC and PDP) parties during elections. Of course, the Leadership and the Civil Society will need to work on a peaceful and sustainable strategy for the Movement including on issues like elections, provision of welfare, healthcare and education during times of unrest. “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” (John F. Kennedy)

  2. Jamila   August 7, 2016 at 5:50 am

    To begin with let us all start addressing our kids in Kashmiri.


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