Kashmir: Joint resistance hails local, international media

Srinagar: All Parties Hurriyat Conference on Tuesday said said that at this crucial juncture of the resistance movement it is incumbent upon all people especially the youth to act with dicipline, maturity and responsibility so that no harm is caused to  sacred cause and no one is allowed to give it a bad name. 
In a statement, it stressed that along expected lines agencies had infiltrated  elements into the movement to sabotage the programmes of the unified resistance leadership,spread disillusionment and  create division and discord among the people on sectarian lines, staying alert and defeating such forces is the collective responsibility of people  at this time. “It is also important that hooliganism of all sorts is  discouraged. Appreciating the role of the local print and electronic media in highlighting the atrocities carried out in Kashmir and reporting the facts even at times risking their lives in the line of duty. It is important that no  hurdles are not created for the media people in discharging their professional duties and they are not harassed as some reports suggest,” it added.
Expressing concern over reports of unauthorised  and illegal constructions coming up  at various places especially on the Dal and foreshore road ,the organisation warned such people to stop their activities forthwith and asked people to take such shameless people to task.
Condemning the harassment and arrest spree of the youth and night raids in Seer Hamdan, the resistance groups said people cannot be cowed down by such oppressive tactics.
Expressing gratitude to the people for following the joint programmes of the unified resistance groups so far, the leadership appealed people to hit the streets to hold two-hours protest following the afternoon prayers on August 3 and observe one-hour long blackout between 8 pm and 9 pm and play pro-freedom slogans and Taranas through public address system in all Masjids. On August 4, the leadership appealed people to recite Qanoot-e-Nazlah and take out torch marches after evening prayers and asked people to march toward Dargah Hazratbal on August 5.
The unified resistance leadership also maintained that people as per the programme should open their shops from 6 pm onwards and said people who would defy these programmes  are anti movement.

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