A manifesto of Azadi

A manifesto of Azadi
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Let no one be in doubt that we also seek a free, independent Kashmir for reasons of equality in the world

By Anonymous

The people of Kashmir hereby express and assert their resolve to be a sovereign nation, free to determine their own destiny and to follow their own conscience. They seek their rightful place in the comity of nations, first as recognition and then as acceptance of their claim to be a separate nation. The historic nation of Kashmir with its distinct geography, culture, and character is entitled to self-rule and self-reliance which alone can ensure its safety, progress and prosperity.
It is a truth universally accepted that people have the right to pursue their own welfare, to act in their best interest. This interest the people of Kashmir have determined to be Azadi, freedom, without which every aspect of their existence, every breath they take is oppressive and meaningless. Azadi is the one beacon that has kept them from floundering in the dark and to which they have always looked for guidance and inspiration. It is their great hope and indomitable strength. The yoke of foreign rule and military occupation they are determined to get rid of; to breathe in free air and to walk with head held high is their unwavering aim.
For dignity, for peace, and for justice that gives to every man freedom from persecution, bondage, and harm, Kashmiris wish, and why not, to live in an environment where the mind is without fear and the soul without shame. It is our appeal to the nations of India, Pakistan, China, our immediate neighbours, and to the larger comity of nations to help us secure our fundamental rights and our national boundaries within which we shall live according to our own ability and judgement. We seek from the world friendship and mutual affection.
We wish to live on good terms with our neighbours. Having suffered for countless years the wounds of violence and military subjugation, we abjure them both; it is in our interest that we remain a neutral, unmilitarised, Switzerland-like country whose safety and sanctity of borders is protected by international treaties and the United Nations. We commit in good faith to the principle of peace, of co-existence, of respecting the sovereignty of other nations so that they respect ours.
We would like to trade and interact and ally with our neighbouring nations for purposes of peace and prosperity. We shall continue to provide access to our resources in return for access to theirs. To negotiate agreements to our advantage, to deploy whatever means we possess to our benefit, shall be our fair and just privilege, as it is of all nations.
Thus we have resolved to achieve our Azadi and there can be no compromise with that, for this resolution is in accord with all the principles of justice, humanity and reason. We, the people of Kashmir have spoken in one voice, and resolved that the land of our ancestors, the sacred mountains, rivers, forests, trees, shrines, of which we are both inheritors and preservers, belong to us and to no one else.
Kashmiris alone can be the best guardians and well-wishers of Kashmir. This ancient country of gentle souls, noble minds, and beautiful people has a debt to repay to the world that has blessed it with such bounties. To god, to our forefathers, to Mother Nature and to the entire world’s people, especially those who have shared in our sorrows, who have been friends in need, we owe our undying gratitude. Let no one be in doubt that we also seek a free, independent Kashmir for reasons of equality in the world. It is evident to reason and it is a moral imperative that we be allowed to live with the same freedoms and dignity as is the natural right of all humans. An end to violence, an end to suffering will only come through mutual respect and equal treatment. We commit ourselves to it, we always have, and now it is the turn of the world to treat Kashmiris as such.
In our minds, we have already thrown off the chains that bind us to another nation like oxen to a cart. We are now free of the cage that our universe has been turned into to keep us from the freedom that we so thoroughly deserve. The bird has flown and it soars high, high above the mountains. Cast away your traps and all your cages; behold the glorious sight of the free bird in flight. Join the Kashmiri people in this proud, joyous, marvelous march to freedom, the Azadi that has now stopped eluding them, and instead has dawned on them like a revelation, shining forth from inside themselves, as the truth of their own conscience.
Hum Azad Hain! Bolo Ki Hum Azad Hain!

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  1. inder salim   August 4, 2016 at 11:46 pm

    Anonymous are usually the most accurate and genuine, akin to leaderless movements which cant be misled by political representatives, as in Kashmir right now


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