Stop watching, boycott speaking to Times Now, News X, Zee News: pro-azadi camp

Srinagar: The Joint resistance leadership led by Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Mohammad Yasin Malik on Saturday asked people to be wary of news channels Times Now, News X and Zee news channels who are working on an agenda.
In a statement, it said the channels are aggressive and “bigoted by design in their reportage of Kashmir in order to mislead and poison the Indian public opinion regarding the events in Kashmir and the Kashmir issue”.
The spokespersons said that Kashmiris should avoid watching these channels and boycott speaking to their correspondents or being part of their panel discussions.
The pro-Azadi camp also appealed people to be vigilant during the current resistance as agencies are working to subvert and malign the agitation are quiet active.
“In certain areas posters have come up in which imams, some religious organisations and some prominent citizens of that area are being targeted and threatened. People have been asked to be cautious of such ploys and not let them succeed in dividing people along sectarian lines,” it said.

Expressing concern, the spokespersons also said that they are receiving reports of some miscreants are extorting money from public and private drivers on the roads and threatening them of harm if they do not oblige. “Those harassed should report to the people of that locality. No money should be given to them even if they say it is being collected for the affected people, all donations for such purposes are to be collected by mohalla Masjid committes/baitul Maals,” the spokespersons said.