Ashoka University refutes news report

Srinagar: Ashoka University, Haryana has dissociated itself from a news report carried by this newspaper in its issue dated July 28.
A statement issued by the University said that the post does not represent the views of Ashoka University as an institution. “The headline and the text suggest that Ashoka University students and alumni are authors of the post and suggest that it is officially endorsed by Ashoka University, which is untrue. Ashoka University does not support the views contained in the letter,” the statement said. It further added that the blog post and its headline and sub-headline are misleading and damaging. “Ashoka University does not endorse these views and these are independent views of a few individuals,” it said.
“Ashoka University is a liberal institution that believes in and affirms every individual’s right to free speech and freedom of expression. However, we should point out that the University’s name cannot be used without prior authorisation by Ashoka University, which has not been granted in this case,”the statement added further.