5-year-old Nasir has not regained sight in injured eye after surgery

Srinagar: A five-year-old boy, whose left eye suffered grievous injury after being attacked by a CRPF trooper—the boy had told his family that the trooper inserted sharp object in his eye while some reports said a shotgun pellet had hit him—has not regained sight after the first surgery.
5-year-old Nasir

“He can’t see with the injured eye. I am waiting for what doctors will say next,” said his father Mohammad Altaf, a resident of Kokernag.
Altaf, who is yet to inform his wife because he fears she might not be able to come to terms with the tragedy, said the boy breaks into bouts of anger, especially when the ward is crowded.
“He says ‘army will come,’” said Altaf.
The father points towards medicine bottles he had placed on the windowsill, beyond Nasir’s reach.
“He threw medicine and everything he could get hold of. I had to take him out and bought him toys and drawing book,” said Altaf.
Kept in the side room of ward, away from the rush, Nasir was painting in the book and chatting with his cousin.
Nasir is the youngest victim of the shotgun pellet ammunition, which has blinded, partially or fully, many youths and injured tens of hundreds of others. (The actual figures are being compiled. State government has said 2200 have been wounded)
“Many people used to visit him to see his condition. But he would develop bouts of anger because he felt threatened,” said a volunteer.
Altaf expressed gratitude to the media for covering his son’s story.
“A reporter of the Voice of America came here to interview us. I saw his (Nasir’s) pictures in newspapers. The MLA of our constituency called me and said he would like to provide all help. I told him don’t even think of coming here, people will lynch you,” he said.
When Nasir was brought injured to the SMHS Hospital, Altaf had told Kashmir Reader that he, his mother and Nasir were returning home from Anantnag where they had gone to buy medicines. Nasir’s injured eye already had been suffering from an infection.
“At Sherpora where a protest was raging and the troopers were chasing away the protesters, I took my mother towards safety and asked Nasir to stay put in an alley. When I returned I saw him writhing in pain and I noticed sand in his eyes.
He had abused the troopers which provoked them to insert some sharp object and sand in his eye,” Altaf had said.