Response to Singh’s visit an eye opener, says Dukhtaran

SRINAGAR: Dukhtarani Millat (DeM) chief, Syeda Aasiyeh Andrabi, on Sunday appreciated the people of Kashmir for showing a “lukewarm” response to home minister of India Rajnath Singh’s visit.
“No oppressed Kashmiri accepted to meet him despite pressure tactics of the oppressor, which in itself is an eye opener for India to understand the writing on the wall,” she said in a statement issued here.
She said Rajnath’s “forced meeting” with the families of the deceased was nothing more than “adding salt to the wounds”.
Andrabi said that India was “continuing the genocide” of our people irrespective of the age and gender “under a well-planned strategy”.
“On one hand our young buds are being blinded, and on the other hand they are talking of their education. It is the highest hypocrisy on their part,” she said.
DeM Chief once again lauded the resilience of people and asked them to continue the same in future.
She appealed the bureaucrats to join the resistance movement without any delay “if they consider themselves a part of the oppressed Kashmiri society”.
“This is the opportune time that pressure be build on India from the all corners in order to make the country accept that Kashmir is a disputed state and its future is unresolved since 1947,” she said.