TuliNowpora: A 15-year-old boy, Irfan Maqsood Dar, was beaten to death by CRPF troopers in TuliNowpora, on 11 July after picking him up, along with his 12-year-old brother Faizan, during a protest.

Faizan was let off with a milder beating. He is in a deep mental trauma.
A group of local residents who assembled at the boys’ grandfather’s house would normally have demanded an investigation into the gruesome murder of a boy who had just finished school. They didn’t.
Instead, they desire that the CRPF camp that has come up during the past three months—it is still under construction—in the area should somehow disappear.
It was at this very camp that the brothers were beaten.
“Have you heard of this village? Why should there be a camp here? Are there not enough camps around? Aren’t they (troopers) everywhere?” said Abdul Samad, a resident of TuliNowpora.
The camp was constructed over a piece of common village land, half an acre in size, after cutting poplars.
A farmer whose land borders the camp had tried to mobilise opposition against the camp when the paramilitary troopers first fenced the land with barbed wire and started constructions, but in vain. He had gone to officials and those close to the ruling party but they didn’t help either.
Soon the lives of the people in TuliNowpora and neighbouring villages felt the impact.
“Many of us do labour jobs and we would travel on rooftops of buses. That cost us Rs 10. The troopers of this camp don’t allow us to travel on rooftops. We have to take Sumos, which cost Rs 35. They pass comments at women. Girls can’t go to the fields in its vicinity,” said Abdul Rahman.