Iranian leader voices for end to ‘historical catastrophe’ in Kashmir

Iranian leader voices for end to ‘historical catastrophe’ in Kashmir

SRINAGAR: A top Iranian leader denounced India’s crackdown in Kashmir as a “catastrophe”, urging the government of his country to take a strong stance against the Indian government over the “inhumane and cruel” behaviour in the Valley.
According to Tasnim News Agency, a semi-official news agency, Ayatollah Sayed Muhammad Shahrokhi, representative of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei for Southeast Asian region, took a swipe at the Indian government for causing “black historical catastrophe” in Kashmir with its heavy crackdown against Muslims.
He, as per the report, also deplored the “inhumane and cruel” crackdown of the government forces against the people of the region over the past years.
Ayatollah Shahrokhi also called on the Muslim Ummah to break silence on the killing of Muslims in Kashmir. He urged them to rush to help the people of the region in whatever way possible.
The cleric urged the government of Iran to adopt an explicit stance on the issue and remind the government of India of the consequences of its policies.
He said the Iranian government should warn India of the possible impact its “savage conducts” could have on its relation with the regional nations.
He said he was in contact with clergy in the Indian subcontinent, especially those in India and Bangladesh, to address the issue.

2 Responses to "Iranian leader voices for end to ‘historical catastrophe’ in Kashmir"

  1. stefan   July 24, 2016 at 12:33 am

    @miran . Dear the Palestine is sunni populated country and the only country helping them is Iran.They have the same stance towards the Kashmir.

  2. Miran   July 23, 2016 at 10:55 am

    They are themselves hand in glove with India and Israel..To expect anything from these chameleons will be foolishness..History bears testimony to the fact that they have always harmed Islam and Muslims right from the time of Hazrat Abu Bakr (ra)..

    If they are so concerned about Kashmir then let them cut their diplomatic relations with India..