Continued curfew hampers medical aid to ailing in old city

By Noumam Parvez
SRINAGAR: With government offering no relaxation in curfew for last 13 days, the ailing people in various parts of Srinagar are facing serious problem due to their inability to procure medicines. The situation is grimmer in old city where the police and paramilitary forces are strictly implementing curfew forcing even chemists and druggists to down their shutters.
Though in some parts of Srinagar, chemists open their shops for some time during early morning or late evening, but in old city areas, the situation is different.
Medical store owners old city have accused the paramilitary forces of disallowing them to open their stores.
One of the medical store owners in old city told Kashmir Reader that he was forced to close his shop by CRPF jawans. “If was warned of dire consequences if I did not go back,” he said.  He told me that let ailing persons die, he said.
“It seems forces have become habitual of hampering the medical aid to the ailing people mostly from the downtown areas,’’ he said.
Reports said that in order to get medicines on time, many families having ailing people at home have migrated to areas where there is a bit of relation during mornings and evenings.
“In the name of curfew, police and other forces are using their power against innocent patients who are dying for medicines,’’ said a group of people, who were out to get medicines for their ailing relatives.
President Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK), Dr. Nisar-ul- Hassan has warned that patients at life saving drugs are at a higher risk and in case they miss even a single dose, they may die.
To provide free life- saving medicines and meals,   NGO’S and volunteers are working round the clock and have set in place many stalls inside different hospitals across the city.
“We are working with volunteers and NGO’S and are providing all possible medicines and assistance to the patients,’’ said conveyer of Jammu and Kashmir Chemists and Druggists Association.
However, members of the association have complained of shortage of essential drugs in the Kashmir.
Bilal Khan, General Secretary, C&DA Srinagar said, “We are left with small quantity of drugs. Due to severe restrictions, no distributor was able to open the shop and we are not able to get fresh supplies.”
Officials at government run hospitals informed that with the increasing number of injured patients shortage of essential medicines was imminent.