Geelani says Delhi assigned Mehbooba role of ‘Rudaali’

Srinagar: Chairman Hurriyat Conference Syed Ali Geelani on Friday said that the puppet chief minister’s crocodile tears can’t wash away the blood of innocent Kashmiris from her hands and condoling those who were killed none else than herself.

While commenting on the visit of Mehbooba Mufti to Islamabad (Anantnag) and calling the families of two martyrs at government Rest house who were killed  by government forces, he said that Kashmiris are surprised as how these “killers dare to call the family members just to rub salt on their fresh and bleeding wounds”.

“They have no conscience whatsoever to at least punish the culprits, but they have sold everything even their faith for these petty interests and power. Kashmiris want to ask so-called CM that last month when 8 CRPF men were killed on Highway you felt ashamed to be a Muslim, but today your own forces martyred 50 innocent young Kashmiris, injured more than 3500 people, blinded more than 200 including minor kids, you are not ashamed of anything,” he said.
“Is your loyalty to India dearer than your faith? If you had even a fraction of conscious left in you, you should have resigned from that post where you need to kill your own people who recently voted for you, just to fulfill the greed and lust of power.”
“The CM need not to shed crocodile tears for those killed by the forces under her command but spare them for these forces as she has been assigned the job of “Rudaali” by her masters in Delhi.,” Geelani said.
Commenting on the demonstration in various stated of India like Chennai, Bengal, Calcutta and Delhi, Geelani said that those living so far from us feel the pain and agony and stand by our just cause.
“It is highly appreciable that they support us on humanitarian grounds and instead these locals calibrators, who often beg for votes hardly care for their bloodshed. Blood of innocents, broken legs of common people and blind eyes of kids fail to soften their stony hard hearts. Geelani Sahab lauded the people of Border areas of Gurez, Karnah and Ladakh for protesting against the atrocities and killing of Kashmiries and cautioned the people to be vigilant against the ill designs of our enemy who is not only cruel but hypocrate as well.”
Hurriyat Chairman condemned the fresh arrests and house arrests of Hurriyat leaders and activists including Mohammad Yasin Malik, Mohammad Ashraf Sehrai, Shabir Ahmad Shah, Peer Saifullah, Altaf Ahmad Shah, Ayaz Akbar, Raja Mehraj-ud-din, Mohammad Ashraf Laya and Syed Imtiyaz Hyder. (KNS)