Follow Joint resistance programme: Salahuddin to people

Srinagar: Stating that the unity among the people and leadership is inevitable, Hizbul Mujahideen on Friday appealed youth to follow the joint calls of leadership.
According to the statement issued to KNS, the outfit chief, Syed Salahudin while addressing a special meeting of United Jihad Council Jammu and Kashmir expressed grief over the loss of “lives and properties by the Indian forces during the current days in Kashmir” and paid tributes to the people of Kashmir for “showing courage at this period of time.”
He assured people that “the sacrifices given by the people won’t go waste and will take revenge from the tyrant enemy.”
Salah-ud-din said that, “Indian imperialism has to face Burhan Muzaffar Wani at every point. The fight will continue till the withdrawal of occupation. The blood of Burhan Wani united the people and leadership and has gathered them on a platform and it is expected that such unity will continue at any cost.”
He said that, “Occupational imperialism has activated the agents and agencies to break the unity and has also opened the gates of their treasury.”
Salah-ud-din appealed youth to “follow the joint calls of leadership and make the plans of enemies unsuccessful.”
Later, they prayed for the martyrs, injured persons, ailing people, and also for the courage of the affected people, statement said. (KNS)