Govt. exhibiting dictatorship of worst kind: Malik

SRINAGAR: “Protest, resistance and struggle of Kashmiris is only for freedom from illegal occupation of India and Indian leaders, rulers and their Kashmiri stooges by denying this reality are only betraying themselves and their people.” This was stated by the jailed chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Mohammad Yasin Malik in a press statement on Wednesday.
Malik said that imposing silence of graveyard by oppressive measures, and banning grief over those killed is nothing but dictatorship of worst kind that too under the garb of so-called democracy.
“Ongoing killing spree by Indian forces in Kashmir is because of the immunity provided to them by Indian rulers and their Kashmiri stooges and remarks like of Indian minister Arun Jaitly terming the happenings in Kashmir as a war with pro-freedom camp is also responsible for these massacres,”Malik said in a message from police custody.
Malik who is in police custody from last 12 days and has been placed in solitary confinement at Kothibagh police station said that ongoing protest, resistance and struggle by the people of Jammu Kashmir is not a protest without any objective or a vain attempt but this struggle that has been going on from last 70 odd years has a clear objective that is the freedom of Jammu Kashmir from illegal occupation of Jammu Kashmir.
“For last twelve days a total curfew has broken the back of Kashmiris and today people suffer because of the lack of food grains, rations, necessary life saving drugs, milk and food items for their infants and other important means of life,” he said adding after all these oppressive measures, so-called rulers in their pursuit to suppress news of their ill doings in Kashmir have banned internet, news papers, mobile phone services and even TV cable channels. He said that by all these Hitler type acts, India and