Unified resistance camp asks pro-India politicians to join people

Srinagar: The unified resistance camp-led by Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Yasin Malik on Wednesday asked the pro-India politicians to join peoples movement.

Read the statement here;
We the people of Kashmir declare our humanity. We have a right to live! We are being systematically and intentionally targeted for demise and being blinded.
We declare our resilience in the face of deadly oppression. Every human life matters. The sanctity of life needs to be restored. Children, women and youth have lost their lives and eyesight. Media have lost count of toll. it’s time not to get dehumanised. Enough is enough! No more deaths. That’s why people protest because human life matters, the life of our youth, women and children matter.
To the perpetrators we issue an immediate ultimatum to put a stop to firing, killings, maiming and blinding. Mehbooba Mufti has failed, as did Omar Abdullah in 2010 and since she can’t stop loss of human life her MLAs should abandon her and come back to their people. The red line of such brutal killings transcends political and ideological differences. Introspect and come back to be with your people. Forget about power and perks and take side of people. Stop being the loyalist representatives of subjugators and murderers of people. Refuse to be the collaborators of the merchants of death whose hands are soaked in the blood of our youth and children. Don’t give India a chance to use you as shield to carry out this butchery of Kashmiris. The same applies to other pro India loyalists National Conference and others. For once support truth! Stop the killings! Kashmiri lives matter!