India is crushing Kashmiris for self-determination, say Tamil movements

Srinagar: Tamil Nationalist and Periyarist Movements in Tamil Naidu staged a protest in Chennai in solidarity with Kashmiris while condemning Indian state’s “terror” and “violence” in the Valley.

In a statement, it said the protest was held on Tuesday at Valluvar Kottam Chennai and scores of people from several Tamil movements and people participated in the protest.

“Ever since Kashmir was announced as an integral part of India, several state sponsored violence has happened in Kashmir. In 1948 the then prime minister of India Jawahar Lal Nehru promised the people of Kashmir on the floor of Indian Parliament as well as in the United Nations that a referendum will be conducted for the people of Kashmir. But for the past 60 years the Indian government is betraying the people of Kashmir without fulfilling that promise,” said the statement.


It said, the Indian government continues to portray the people who are fighting for self-determination as terrorists. “The Indian state has consciously portrayed the struggle of the people of Kashmir as an act of terrorism to the rest of India. Instead of using parliamentary democratic means, India has always responded to the demands of the people of Kashmir by using Armed forces and has oppressed the people of Kashmir through its state terror. It is clear that India wants a solution through violent means and not through peaceful methods,” it added.