CRPF responds to Kashmir Reader story

Following is the text of the CRPF statement mailed to KR:

1. “It has come to the notice of this office that your Newspaper published a very damaging and malicious article on 16, July, 2016 about CRPF, which is not based on facts and also without verifying the same from senior CRPF authorities. Your newspaper has accused CRPF men of barbarism by narrating an incident wherein CRPF men stopped a private vehicle on 11 July, 2016 near Sangam, harassed female occupants of the vehicle, thrashed the male passenger and damaged the vehicle. It also stated that the CRPF men had heated arguments with the J & K Policemen, who rescued the hapless victims. Similar malicious reporting has been done on social media as well.

2. It is stated that the above mentioned incident is concocted, malicious and bundle of lies. It lacks basic details, such as, exact identity of the persons referred to, name of CRPF personnel and J&K policemen, time and exact place of occurrence etc. It is also not mentioned in the newsitem whether a complaint was lodged in the police station immediately after the alledged incident. To our knowledge no CRPF personnel have been summoned in connection with an investigation into the case nor have senior CRPF officials been apprised of such an incident. It is quite understandable that all hell would have been broken loose if such an act were to be caused. Further, the concerned reporter has not bothered to verify such an act nor bring it to the knowledge of a responsible officer before reporting the same.

3. CRPF has been performing their duties in an exemplary manner in the State of J & K for the last 25 years or more. This malicious attempt through the media and social media to damage the reputation of the largest Para Military Force of the country needs strongest condemnation. It is clear that the newsitem has been published to tarnish the reputation of a professionel police organisation and drive a wedge between CRPF and J&K police, who have been working together in close coordination at such a crucial juncture. It is requested that an appropriate action be taken against the Newspaper ‘Kashmir Reader’ reporter Mr. Umar Mushtaq who has penned this article. Further, a rejoinder be published in your newspaper expressing regret for publishing a news item without verifying the facts. A legal action under the law has been initiated for the act of your reporter for attempt to damage the reputation of this organisation.

Press Relations Officer
Deputy Inspector General/CRPF