Rest but where, all’s smeared with engine oil

SRINAGAR: Protesters in some parts of the old city have sprinkled used engine oil on shopfronts in a bid to deprive troopers and policemen of resting places.
An unspecified quantity of the oil has been sprayed on shopfronts in Bohri Kadal, one of the places where anti-India protests are common.
“Now we have to find some other place for taking rest. This stuff is difficult to clean,” a policeman deployed there said.
Bohri Kadal witnesses one of the heaviest deployments of troops in the city. It is also famous for kulfi vendors.
The discarded engine oil is sold by auto service centers to recycling units and is also used as lubricant.
Farooq Ahmad, a car mechanic, said, “We store discarded oil in barrels that are then purchased by agents who sell it to recycling plants. People buy the oil and smear it on poplar trees to protect the bark from being eaten by cattle.”
“Kashmiris have discovered one more use for it,” Farooq said, smiling.