No one telling 28-yr-old his eye has been removed

No one telling 28-yr-old his eye has been removed

Srinagar: A 28-year-old youth lying on a bed at Shri Maharaja Hari Singh Hospital is unaware his left eye has been removed by doctors the previous day. He fears it may be so, but he still hopes that once the bandage is removed, he will see just as before.
No one telling 28-yr-old his eye has been removed

A teargas canister hit Parvez Ahmad of Sonthipora, Kupwara, outside his home when clashes with government forces were going on in the area. A father of two children, Parvez said that the pellets hit him like an electric shock. “As if electricity hit me,” he said, “and I fell on the ground. I lay there for some time, until some youths came and took me to a hospital in Panzgam.”
“Don’t tell him his eye was removed,” his cousin Mushtaq Ahmad was telling those who came to see him at the hospital. He was assuring everyone that Parvez would regain his vision within a week, once a lens is implanted in his eye.
Dr Sajjad Khanday, an ophthalmologist, said it was unlikely that a lens or eye implant could be performed on Parvez.
“Had we not removed the eye, the infection could have spread to the other eye. His eye socket is damaged and he has suffered facial damage around his eye,” said the doctor.
Bilal Ahmad, another attendant of Parvez, said that Parvez was feeling terrified at the prospect of losing vision. “He is telling us he should have been killed instead of becoming blind in one eye,” Bilal said.
Mushtaq and Bilal said that the ambulance in which Parvez was being brought to Srinagar’s SMHS hospital was stopped at two separate places by police. They also said that government forces ransacked houses in Kraplora and nearby areas in Kupwara on Wednesday and beat up residents inside their homes.
Parvez is the fifth victim of government violence whose damaged eye has been scooped out.

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  1. Suhail   July 15, 2016 at 4:23 pm

    Victim over victim , how long endian bastards ?????.still the victory insha allah will be ours no matter what ways u gonna use u have to live under our shoes……kashmiriyat zindabad