Deaths in Kashmir will not go in vain: Hafiz Saeed

Lahore: Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) chief Hafiz Saeed said that the ongoing protests on the Indian side of Kashmir would be intensified and warned that the deaths in the region would not be in vain, ANI reported.
Addressing a meet in Lahore on Tuesday, Saeed said, “This time the people in Kashmir are on streets. This protest has become a mass movement. All groups in Kashmir have united. All the wings of the Hurriyat have become one. The Muttahida Jihad Council and all other groups have come on to the same platform. Those who have died in Kashmir, their deaths will not be in vain.”
Saeed asserted that the people in Pakistan should support Kashmiris.
“We Pakistani should support our Kashmiri brothers. Their sweat, blood is our sweat and blood. Their way of thinking is also our way of thinking,” he added.
“We in Pakistan will intensify the movement which is taking place in Kashmir. When Pakistan join hands in this movement with Kashmir then Kashmir will become part of Pakistan,” he added.
Saeed, who is the prime accused in India Mumbai attack, told people here to make the movement a national one.
“We have to take the movement to national level so that even the government of Pakistan understands the matter,” he said.