Thousands at Burhan’s home listen to his father

Tral: South Kashmir’s Tral township continued to remain dominated by tens of thousands of mourners on the fourth day after the killing of Hizbul Mujahideen divisional commander Burhan Muzaffar Wani. Since Tuesday morning, thousands of people, especially youngsters, rode bikes and drove vehicles to reach Shariefabad where Wani’s parents and two siblings live.
A day earlier, people in the adjacent villages contributed rice, edible oil and money to run a huge community langar to serve food to thousands of guests who arrived at Wani’s residence. The langar had been established in the compound of famous Sufi saint Pir Sharifuddin’s shrine, who had migrated from Peshawar and spent his entire life at Tral. Burhan’s residence is in close vicinity of Sharifuddin’s shrine.
Separatist and religious leaders addressed the mourners at Burhan’s residence as well as at Eidgah, where he was buried on Saturday near his elder brother Khalid Muzaffar’s grave. Khalid was killed by government forces on April 13, 2015, when he had gone to meet Burhan in Buchoo Kamla forests.
Burhan’s father Muzaffar Ahmad Wani briefly spoke to the mourners. “I had dedicated my son to the freedom movement the day he chose to join the path of jehad six years ago,” Wani, principal of a government higher secondary school, said.
“Various people were approaching me during this period and trying to preach me the futility of the ongoing freedom movement,” he said. “They were telling me that people are no longer with the freedom movement. I was telling these people that my son had not taken a single breakfast, lunch or dinner at home ever since he left on his chosen path. If the people were not with the freedom movement, who provided food and shelter to my son during all these years?” he asked.
“Who are the six lakh people who attended the nimaz-e-jinaza of my son? This is an eye-opener to the people who used to preach me on the futility of my son’s endeavour,” he said.

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    Wani sahab salam apko or apka beta burhan wani shaheed sahab and khalid wani shaheed ko mare a tarf sa or pouri kashmiry qoom ki tarf sa salam ,insha Allah apka beton ka blood riyegan nahi jia ga ,we will get freedom from hindi benya soon insha Allah.Allah apko or apki pouri family ko apna hifz o aman ma rakhan or apko or apki family ko saber jameel atta karan ameen.salm salsam,salam,salam burhan wani teri azmat ko salam