Mufti Azam questions visit of Imams to Kashmir

Srinagar: Terming the visit of Imams to Valley as meaningless, Mufti Azam, Bashir-ud-din Ahmad on Wednesday asked Islamic clerics who are scheduled to visit Kashmir to question India that why there is oppression in Kashmir.
“What kind of role Islamic clerics are going to play by visiting Kashmir,” Mufti Azam said in audio note issued to KNS.
He said that before visiting Kashmir, the Imams should first talk about the disputed Kashmir. “Lakhs of people were killed, several other injustice, brutally took place here,” he said.
Mufti Azam said that they should first go and talk to India about the oppression and brutality in Kashmir and should also ask them why they forget the resolutions passed in UN.
“The Imams of India are not aware about the situation of Kashmir and should not visit Kashmir. However, despite that if they want to tour Kashmir then that is their own wish,” he said.