KCSDS condemns brutality on unarmed protesters

Srinagar: Kashmir Centre for Social & Developmental Studies (KCSDS), a civil Society group of Kashmir, has condemned in strongest words the brutality let loose by Indian security forces on unarmed protestors following Burhan Wani’s killing.
“All those killed have been found with bullet injuries in the vital areas like head and chest showing that the police shoot to kill, rather than disperse the protesters,” the statement said. It added that doctors treating the injured said that a majority 77 persons with pellet injuries to eyes are going to lose their eyesight forever.
“There are eye-witness reports that even hospitals and ambulances are being targeted by police and CRPF on roads denying or delaying medical aid to injured,” it said.
Reacting to a news report, KCSDS made it clear that it had nothing to do with such any meeting with Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti, which adds salt to the injuries of those whose loved ones have been killed or injured by the present govt.
“A group of traders, whose wisdom is limited to sale, purchase of goods and profits made thereof can by no stretch of imagination represent civil society’s concerns. Govt misnaming such a meeting as representative of broad civil society is misleading to say the least. No genuine civil society representative could be so crass as to meet govt functionaries when barbarity and bloodshed is being carried out on the roads and streets of the valley,” it said.