Burhan’s banner in hospital emergency stirs emotions

SRINAGAR: Emotions ran high at the SMHS hospital when a banner in remembrance of Burhan Wani hung from a wall in the hospital corridor.
The banner was placed on the wall by women’s resistance organisation, Dukhtaran-e-Millat. It reads “Our beloved commander, we will always remember you”.
Throughout the day, the visitors clicked pictures of the banner, which has an image of Burhan in his trademark cargo pants and keffiya around his neck, with their mobile phones.
“The banner was placed at around noon time, and people started clicking since then, it is 8 P.M and people are still clicking pictures of the banner, the rush around the banner never seems to dwindle” Said an employee working in the hospital.
People conversing around the banner were either praising the commander or were angry about the highly negative portrayal of Burhan in some Indian media channels.
“He is the one who told the world what Kashmiris are capable of. Look, he is like a lion,” a man explained to his elderly father while pointing towards the banner.
“Even Modi had to cut short his trip and call for a meet because of our hero Burhan, he has deprived the Indian authorities of their sleep,” said another octogenarian who was trying hard shoot a picture of the banner with his small mobile phone.
An elderly woman in her 70s started wailing near the banner and cursing the Indian state.
“Miani putro yi kiho gov, khudaya yath kasheeri kya gov, My beloved son what has happened to you, oh my God what has happened to our Kashmir,” she said.
Dozens of youths took selfies with the banner in the background.
“They have taken our hero away from us but not his memories and those memories will always stay with us,” said one of these youths.
A woman accompanying a patient said she “found a brother and saviour in Burhan”.
“He was someone who died for the honour of the women of Kashmir and preserving memory of a saviour is my duty,” she added.