Mehbooba pays homage to martyrs of 1931

Srinagar: Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti on Tuesday paid glowing tributes to the martyrs of July 13, 1931, describing them as brave heroes who laid down their lives against suppression and autocracy and put in place the foundations for democracy in the State.
Mehbooba said the sacrifices of the martyrs to free the society from autocracy and lay foundations for democracy and human dignity is one of the greatest chapters in the annals of history of Jammu and Kashmir.
The Chief Minister said it is because of the sacrifices of these martyrs that Jammu and Kashmir is having a unique position and status today which needs to be safeguarded. She said the biggest tribute to these martyrs would be to make Jammu and Kashmir an abode of peace and harmony. “Sustained peace and normalcy are prerequisite for achieving progress and prosperity, especially in a state like Jammu and Kashmir which has suffered a lot because of violence and uncertainties,” she said.
“The greatest homage one can pay to the martyrs is to rise above self and help in creating a tolerant and peaceful society where everyone can grow in a free democratic atmosphere. Let us all come together to develop a peaceful and virtuous society which is just and guided by principles of secular democratic temperament,” she said, while emphasizing upon respect for each other’s perspective, which is the essence of a democratic system.
The Chief Minister said her Government has a clear vision of how to achieve the goals of political stability, economic self-reliance and social growth in Jammu and Kashmir and, despite enormous challenges; it is working towards seeking permanent and dignified resolution of the multiple problems confronting Jammu and Kashmir and its people.