Dear Kashmiri legislators, the government is committing war crimes. Do you have a conscience?

Dear Kashmiri legislators, the government is committing war crimes. Do you have a conscience?
Dear Chief Minister 
Mehbooba Mufti,
One must begin with you since you head, preside over, and consent to what is clearly emerging as a bloodbath against civilians by security forces in Kashmir. The first two privileges are yours by way of your position as chief executive of the government of Kashmir. The third attribute i.e. consent is your own considered choice to forge a coalition with a party characterized by a singular lack of concern, respect or dignity for the people of Kashmir. While it is common knowledge that the reins of actual power and policy with regard to Kashmir lie with New Delhi your willing collaboration with the latter allows state security forces to both commit and justify the murder of Kashmiri civilians; deny medical aid to the injured; beat and physically assault civilian Kashmiri women; use pellet guns to blind and maim; harass and intimidate hospital staff; destroy hospital equipment to prevent treatment to the injured; threaten and abuse doctors tending to the wounded, attack and vandalise ambulances ferrying the injured, etc.
For your own information and knowledge, as well as that of your comrades-in-crime, all these acts fall within the legal purview of what international law deems and affirms as war crimes. Your pathetic and patently unconvincing expression of regret at civilian killings is like rubbing salt into the wounds of Kashmiris, especially those whose loved ones were murdered by forces operating under your executive authority after the killing of Burhan Wani. Your father’s craven surrender set the stage for the present bloodbath; you surpass him in reaping its hideous harvest in Kashmiri blood.
And now let us now turn to your bête noire Mr. Omar Abdullah whose new role as the Nostradamus of Kashmir’s resistance movement would be a source of amusement if it did not come from a man under whose watch, among other dark deeds, was the rape and murder of Asiya and Neelofar; the denial of justice to their families; the murder of 120 young men and boys by security forces; and the hanging of Afzal Guru. Indeed much of this legacy shapes and fuels popular anger and fury in Kashmir today. Mr. Abdullah, your collaboration with the UPA as accomplice-in-crime is but a mirror image of what chief minister Mufti does today. Only the partners are different.  In other words Sir, you are the NC kettle calling the PDP pot black. As a party with a history of having signed the Document of Original Surrender with New Delhi and having cheerfully been part of the post-Gujarat NDA coalition, is it not rich on your part Sir, to take the moral high ground at your PDP rivals doing the same? Please Sir, have some regard for public memory. Kashmir has a high incidence of post-traumatic stress disorder, not Alzheimers.
And now ladies and gentlemen, let us turn to the great proletarian vanguard itself, the Left. What have we here? Dear Mr. Tarigami. Mr. Tarigami Sir, the CPI(M)’s politburo leader, the venerable Harkishen Singh Surjeet, is on record saying that Kashmir should be dealt with a heavy hand. Indeed, in this tyranny, your party’s position is no different from the ‘national’ consensus around dealing with Kashmir with a heavy Stalinist hand. Having witnessed the Left’s great betrayal vis-à-vis Kashmir, Kashmiris have little faith or fondness for your party. You could redeem the Left’s tattered reputation by an act of courage but it is anybody’s guess whether you will. In this respect you are an equal and active collaborator in perpetuating Kashmir’s intolerable, inhuman and unconscionable status-quo including the ongoing tragedy. Because you choose to remain shackled to New Delhi’s nationalist, congealed and parochial state-cum-security-centric policy in Kashmir, you also forfeit and squander the fading internationalist Left legacy of solidarity with all oppressed peoples. For this reason Sir, in Kashmir you are part of the problem, not the solution. As far as Kashmir is concerned, it is hard to distinguish between Left and Right in the Indian Left.
In sum, dear Kashmiri legislators, the state-funded and state-backed war-crimes-with-impunity project currently under way by state security forces in Kashmir under New Delhi’s watch is advanced every second, minute and day by your silence, inaction, cowardice, and collaboration. The people of Kashmir in whose name you draw position, power and privilege are being subject to war crimes. I cannot disrespect the people of Kashmir by calling them your people. They are not your people; they are just the people of Kashmir unfortunate enough to have you and your gutless comrades-in-crime as their “representatives.”
Do you possess a conscience? If yes, show the people of Kashmir by resigning. That is the least you can do. For your own selves. Because those with whom you collaborate are external, non-Kashmiri occupiers and transgressors. But you, as local indigenous Kashmiri collaborators and accomplices in occupation and war crimes against Kashmir’s people bear a far greater burden of moral responsibility and guilt for the present reign of murder and terror under way in the Valley.
As an independent critic of the Indian occupation of Kashmir, and of the treachery and deceit of Kashmiri collaborators, my final thought regarding you all, to amend a line from Shakespeare, is this: A plague on all your parties.
Seema Kazi—Feedback:

One Response to "Dear Kashmiri legislators, the government is committing war crimes. Do you have a conscience?"

  1. mushtaq ahmad   July 12, 2016 at 5:33 pm

    In your above article you should have not used word security forces in Kashmir as it is not for security of Kashmiris but of India and these sort of words imprint different sort of image on minds of Kashmiris . I would have preferred instead you using word Kufar Forces or Hindu Forces or if that is heavy for your audience ,Indian armed forces would have been better word to use.