For assistance, call health department’s helpline

In case of any medical emergency or assistance Directorate of Health Services, Kashmir(DHSK) has upgraded the night shift helpline service numbers for the general public and will be functional from 8 pm tonight to 8 am in the morning every day.

People can contact the following numbers for the same :

1. Dr S M Kadri : 9419010363
2. Dr Rehana Kausar : 9858001121
3. Dr Ijtaba Shafi : 9419070388
4. Dr Zahid Nasti : 9419925888
5. Mr Zahoor Ragi : 9419066748
6. Mr Mukhtyar : 9419711737
7. Mr Saleem : 9858312147

Note : All the numbers are working and callers can enquire about healthcare facilities and will be facilitated regarding their queries.

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