Sea of mourners bid farewell to Burhan in Tral

Tral: As many as 50 funeral prayers were offered for Burhan Wani in his hometown Tral before he was laid to rest. Wani’s funeral is believed to be the biggest in the history of Kashmir militancy.
Wani’s body was kept at Eidgah after being briefly taken to his home. People from scores of Tral hamlets had started assembling soon after the news of his death was broadcast on Friday evening.
By Saturday morning, the ground was packed beyond its capacity and the mourners spilled over to the roads for a distance of nearly 2 kilometres.
“Burhan dutnai, Azadi, Masoom dutnai Azadi, Sartaj dutnai, Azadi (Freedom, we have offered you Burhan, Masoom and Sartaj).”  Masoom and Sartaj were the other two militants killed during the operation.
Women and volunteers from Sikh community were offering the mourners who had come from various parts of the Valley Tehri and beverages. Shopkeepers distributed biscuits and juices among the guests.
Burhan’s admirers had formed an organized group to make preparations for his funerals. They formed a stage in the nearby Eidgah where Burhan’s body was kept for people to have a last glimpse.
Men and women had assembled in neatly delineated zones. The elderly were disciplining the bulging crowds.
At 6:30 am Burhan’s body was shouldered and taken onto the stage. The mourners then lined up for the last glimpse of the martyr. It took people in the queue nearly four hours to get close to Burhan’s body.
“Shaheed ki jo maut hai (The death of a martyr),” a youngster screamed from the stage while the crowd answered, “Wo qoum ki hayaat hai (is the life of a nation).”
“Kitnae Burhan Marogae, har gar sae Burhan niklae gae (the Burhan you killed will give birth to Burhans in every house hold).
Burhan’s associates began making appearances at the funeral prayers intermittently. They even gave a 21-gun salute in honour of their associates. Two of them visited Burhan’s residence and met his family. They left immediately.
While Burhan’s associates were giving gun salutes, people around them began hugging them, kissing them. They left again till another group arrived and paid homage to their commander.
About 50 funeral prayers were offered till Burhan’s body was laid to rest.
Burhan’s body was taken again to home. However, his teacher father stayed at the cemetery where his grave was being prepared. After almost half an hour later, a huge gathering of sloganeering youth got him back to the graveyard for burial. He was laid to rest at around 2:45 pm.