Results of Kashmir Essay Contest Announced

Washington, D.C: Dr. Ghulam N. Mir, President, World Kashmir Awareness has announced that the panel of judges of the International Essay Contest namely, Victoria Schofield (Chair), Anuradha Bhasin Jamwal (member) and Zahid G. Muhammad (Member) declared the final results of the essay contest on Kashmir. The theme of the essay contest was “Do Kashmiris have a right to self-determination?”
“We should congratulate the panel of judges for their scrupulous care, complete fairness and impartiality”,  Dr. Mir said. He, however, added that due to circumstances beyond our control we were unable to announce the results until today.
Dr. Mir explained that the Panel of Judges considered all perspectives and viewpoints, regardless of personal inclinations of the writers. There were 59 essays submitted in total. The contestants consisted of 43 males and 16 females. They came from various backgrounds including India, Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistan, Azad Kashmir, Armenia, Kenya, Nigeria, Turkey, Bosnia Herzegovina, Tanzania, Albania, Ukraine, Ethiopia and United Arab Emirates. As announced earlier, top three winners will be awarded Rs. 20,000, 15,000 and 10,000, respectively for the first, second and the third place.
Dr. Mir emphasized that winners of the contest had clearly addressed the theme as stated above, and that they constructively complemented their arguments through the usage of proper objective criteria in support of their positions. He reported that the Chairman of the Panel, Ms. Victoria Schofield, wrote while sending the final results to the WKA, “As time has moved on, I think you can release the following statement:”