Despite scorching heat, excitement of Eid shopping in Srinagar

Despite scorching heat, excitement of Eid shopping in Srinagar


SRINAGAR: Despite continuous scorching heat in the valley since last couple of days, intense shopping and bargaining was witnessed between customers and shopkeepers on Tuesday, as citizens across the city remained busy in shopping ahead of -Eidul Fitr which will be celebrated after the sighting of the Shawal moon.
Markets of the summer capital Srinagar were fully crowded with consumers who remained busy bargaining with shopkeepers for purchasing their dresses, jewellery, cosmetics, readymade clothes, hand bags, shoes, hair dyes, bangles and other items to complete their look on the occasion of Eid.
At the leading markets of the city including Goni Khan, Hari Singh High Street, Lal Chowk, and  many other prominent shopping complexes of the city a huge rush of women, children and school going children was observed till late night as the vacations are going on. Most of the customers in the markets were women. “I have already completed most of the Eid shopping. Now I have come here for buying a few other things,” said Razia, a customer.
Gatherings in the cosmetics shops are also noticeable. Women are buying ornaments and cosmetic items including, hair dyes, bangles and other items from there.
Shopkeepers expect that the Eid shopping will go on till the chand raat, the night before the Eid when the moon is sighted. “We used to go for shopping at late hours deliberately as the days are witnessing the blazing heat and in the late hours we feel respite from the scorching heat,” said a group of shoppers at Lal-Chowk and Goni Khan.
Several renowned brands of clothes, shoes and jewellery offered up to 20-50% discount on their entire Eid collection. A large number of youngsters, upon learning about the sale, thronged to the shops and purchased their desired items. Huge rush is also seen in the confectionaries and the meat shops as people are busy in buying mutton, bakery products and the cold drinks as well.
However city after decades has for the first time witnessed the smooth and hassle free movement by the traffickers as well as by commuters as the street vendors had been allotted the sites rather than footpaths and streets to carry their business.
“However the matter of concern is that the price of goods has touched the peak which proves hefty and unbearable for the middle class families as rendering them to buy the desired goods on the eve of Eid,” said Shazia-37 a shopper.  “I came here for purchasing clothes for my kids and for I as well as we used to buy on every Eid. But prices of goods are too high for my likings. She said, alleging that the government should provide maximum relief to the people by curbing the shopkeepers for the massive hike in prices of every shopping item on special occasions like Eid.”

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