Mehbooba targets azadi camp for ‘disturbing peace’

Mehbooba targets azadi camp for ‘disturbing peace’
SRINAGAR: Chief minister Mehbooba Mufti targeted the pro-freedom camp on Saturday for disturbing peace in the state and blamed militancy for destroying socio-economic fabric of the Kashmiri society.
“Every day there is a hartal call on any issue.  But when no civilian is killed (by government forces) in retaliation (for protests or clashes) with God’s mercy, people start giving hartals on Sainik Colony, then they remember Pandit colony. They dig up issues from the past which hits our economy,” Mehbooba told the Legislative Council on its last day of the budget session.
She equated the plans of miscreants who wanted to whip up “communal tensions in Jammu” with the militancy in the Valley.
“Don’t give miscreants any chance to vitiate the environment. In Kashmir we are Muslim dominated but in Jammu different communities live jointly. The population of Muslims and Hindus are nearly the same in Jammu. Jammu’s atmosphere is fragile and we should not allow it to deteriorate,” Mehbooba said.  
“Jammu people have responsibility not to allow such elements to grow. I request Jammuites to stay away from such miscreants. We remain backwards on development front because of communal tension in Jammu and militancy in Kashmir,” she added.
Mehbooba also asked youth, legislators and officers to change their mindset towards government jobs.
“There is no professional work culture here. People seek government because they to take care of four sisters, not because they want to contribute towards making the system better,” she said.
“Yesterday, I was at a place (Hazratbal) to offer nimaz with my colleague. She mistakenly folded her hands wrongly. This created uproar across the world about a farz (compulsory duty) which is only between God and a believer. We offer nimaz for Allah, but do officers, ministers and others perform their duties which is also farz with the same enthusiasm?” she added.
Mehbooba said people focus more on how to prostrate, whether to raise hands or above navel while offering nimaz… but forget to perform “duties that are compulsory”.
Apparently referring to the recent incident involving mental breakdown of a bureaucrat reportedly over a love triangle, Mehbooba asked ministers, legislators and bureaucrats to “maintain a distance between private and public lives”.
“Your personal lives should not come in public. We have received complaints against legislators which I don’t want to mention here. This will not be tolerated in future. It derails all system. We are the system and our mistakes affect the whole system. Maintain control on your actions. Don’t do anything which will bring down our respect among people,” she said.