Sikhs being ignored by state government: Raina

Sikhs being ignored by state government: Raina
Srinagar: APSCC chairman Jagmohan Singh Raina has said in a statement that in the past minorities were given utmost priority in state and Central government jobs for their development but after migration in 1990, state and central governments have stopped development of minority as they only consider migrants to be the minority of state and till date Sikhs are ignored as a minority.
“It is matter of concern for minorities especially for Sikh’s of J&K, that in recent 4000 police appointments, only two persons from the community have been selected, who were already working as SPO’s,” he said and added that no new member of the minority from any district has been given a chance. He said that many had youth had cleared the required rounds of eligibility but were not selected in the final merit list, which also included candidates from RBA category. “Such apathy of state and central government are putting the Sikh community at a dejected position in state,” Raina said. A statement said that a delegation of Sikh youth met APSCC  Chairman Jagmohan Singh Raina and apprised him of “alienated and  step-motherly “ treatment given to them.

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