Jama’at to Education minister: study Islam before giving ‘sermons’

Jama’at to Education minister: study Islam before giving ‘sermons’
SRINAGAR: Refuting the statement of Education Minister, Naeem Akhter, that the teachings of great Sufis of Kashmir are secular and, as such, unique in character, Jama’at on Friday asked him to study the books and teachings of these preachers of Islam.
The religio-political group, in a statement issued here, said their teachings were in consonance with those of the Quran and Sunnah, as Islam is universal and doesn’t change with region or time.
“It has one colour, that is the colour of Allah and no other colour can be better than it. Islam is the message of the human nature fulfilling all its demands in a smooth and peaceful manner, provided it is allowed to play its role in the human society. The glaring example of it is the gracious time of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and that of the first four rightly guided vicegerents of Islam.
“Naeem saheb is sincerely advised to read the Quran and the life history of the most-loved Prophet (may peace be upon him) and then compare it with the teachings of Hazrat Ameer Kabeer, Hazrat Bulbul Shah, Hazrat Sheikh ul Aalam, Hazrat Mukhdoom Saheb and their true disciples. There he will find no difference,” it said.
Saying that Sufis and saints taught something other than Islam was a distortion of facts, Jama’at said.
“Our preachers were the true followers of Islam in all respects and they have advised us too to be so in letter and spirit,” it said.
The organisation asked the minister to read Awrad-e-Fatihiyah, a splendid book written by Hazeat Ameer-e-Kabeer (RA) to correct his “misleading and misinformed” statement.