Geelani warns against surveillance of Islamic scholars, Imams

Geelani warns against surveillance of Islamic scholars, Imams
Srinagar: Terming the government proposal of surveillance of the activities of Islamic scholars and Imams (clerics) of the Masajids as unacceptable, Chairman All Parties Hurriyat Conference Syed Ali Geelani said that these adventures will have such a serious and dangerous consequences that the government too will be surprised.
In a press statement, Hurriyat chairman expressed his deep concern and anguish over the reports that the CID has begun to collect information and data regarding the Islamic scholars and Imams (clerics) of the Masajids (Mosques) in some areas of the Budgam district. He said that it is actually an attempt to bring the Masajids under the control of the government so that their favorite persons and the government Molvis can be appointed there who will deliver sermons on government diktat.
Geelani said that Masajid have a vital role in the formation of the Muslim society and these are the awareness centers regarding the collective issues of the Muslims. “The Masajids are not only for prayers or worship but at the time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the Masjids were the Parliaments, Assemblies, Secretariat and Courts for the Muslims and all the issues relating the Muslim Ummah were addressed in these Masajids,” he said. Geelani said that although this status of the Masajids is no more existing but even then they play a very important role in the Muslim society.
Chairman Hurriyat said that “the Kashmiri nation is miserably suffering since last 7 decades at the hands of Indian cruel forces and the Masajids have played a very crucial and effective role in the resistance movement during this period.”
“The RSS and the Mehbooba Mufti want to influence this character of the Masajids and they want to control these Muslim institutions,” he said adding that it is a direct interference into the religious affairs of the Muslims and it will not be tolerated in any way and at any cost.
Geelani said that Jammu & Kashmir is not Gujarat or Assam, it is Muslim majority state and nobody will be allowed to dilute its status. While lashing out at Mehbooba Mufti, Geelani said that this lady is dreaming of such things which all the pro-Indians collectively can’t do. “In this regard everybody from Shaikh Abdullah to Mufti Mohammad Sayeed tried their best but they miserably failed to break the resolve of the Kashmiri nation. These people definitely ruled Kashmir for few years but they did not succeed in conquering the Kashmiri people for India. The Kashmiri nation was, is and will continue to resist the forced occupation of India until they will achieve their goal of freedom,” Geelani said.