Don’t let sentiments harm the ultimate goal: JKLF

Srinagar: Vice-chairman JKLF Bashir Ahmad Bhat said people should refrain from mixing their political sentiments with the goals of the united resistance forum.
“I believe one of the reasons why our movement has failed is because we bring our sentiments in the united forum. We know Geelani sahib believes in Pakistan and JKLF in independent Kashmir. Therefore let us not shout pro-Pak or pro-independence slogans because it will create controversy. Our main focus is freedom from India and let us not be divided on that count,” said Bhat who was speaking on the behalf of incarcerated Mohammad Yaseen Malik.
Bhat also asked leaders not to take this unity for granted because “disunity once more would not be in favor of the nation.”
“Disunity is in the favor of Indian state. A leader who will stay away from the unity this time would be favoring it and India would be happy. I ask such leader to contemplate,” he added.