Pakistan dismisses India’s evidence on Pathankot attack

SRINAGAR: A Pakistan joint investigation team (JIT) that visited India to gather evidence on the Pathankot airbase attack is “not convinced that its soil was used to plan the strike”, Hindustan Times reported on Friday.
A senior aide of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, while talking to the New Delhi-based newspaper, said, “Anybody can call the Jaish-e-Mohammad numbers from India.”
The aide has dismissed India’s assertion that militants who attacked the airbase in January called up several persons including Jaish leaders based in Pakistan.
All four militants who attacked the strategic defence installation were killed while seven Indian forces personnel were gunned down by the attackers.
Indian investigators said one of the militants had called his mother from Pathankot and told her that he was on a suicide mission. But the evidence has been dismissed by the JIT, the report said.
“The conversation does not prove that he went from here,’’ the aide was quoted as saying. “The National Investigation Agency could not tell us the exact location from where the terrorists had crossed over from Pakistan into India.”