How Kashmiri children UNderstand India

How Kashmiri children UNderstand India

SRINAGAR: Organisers of a three day conference, aimed at stimulating discussions on India’s quest for a permanent seat in United Nations Security Council, faced an embarrassing situation on Monday when the audience, mostly students, openly expressed their disliking for stars of the Indian Cricket and Bollywood. The conference is being held at Green Valley Educational Institute, Buchpora, Srinagar,
The embarrassing situation arose when Rishabh Sharma, founder of Indian International Model United Nations (IIMUN)-organisers of the conference- was speaking at the inaugural day on Monday.
Expecting an enthusiasm filled cheering at the mention of cricket and Bollywood stars, Rishabh asked the audience as how many of them liked Virat Kohli. However he was shocked to see a cold response from the audience who yelled a big NO. This left the organizers as well as the guests, including Governor N N Vohra red faced.
Trying to control the damage done, Rishabh this time switched to Bollywood, expecting some warm response from the audience. However he faced a similar response when he asked the audience how many of them liked Bollywood star Ranbir Kapoor.
To recover from embarrassment, Shah started praising India and her ‘achievements’ and asked students whether they want a better future or not. The students this time replied in affirmative. However when Shah posed a tricky question if ‘India deserved a permanent seat at the UNSC’, the students once again echoed big ‘NO’ leaving both the guests and the speaker utterly disappointed.
Apparently, when nothing worked out well for the organizers, an uneasy calm prevailed for the next few minutes. Shah then started to share his love story with audience comprising students.
Later, some faculty members stood up to check from where the negative responses were coming. Speaking on the occasion, Governor suggested the founders of the NGO that they should also focus on local issues here which are very much concerned with us. Lauding the efforts of IIMUN, which is academic simulation of the UN, the Governor observed that this educative forum is doing a commendable job in providing a responsible medium  for the youth to put forth their ideas, visions and perceptions and shaping them into future leaders of society.

6 Responses to "How Kashmiri children UNderstand India"

  1. theillogicalindian   June 2, 2016 at 5:32 am

    wow such vitriol! The arc of conservative Islam is spreading from the middle east to the shores of Bay of Bengal and beyond (Indonesia) & I do not see it ebbing anytime soon (please donot start blaming US and its foreign policy). Take freedom if you wish, but when Kashmir becomes another basket case like rest of Pakistan then please don’t pour into India as refugees (though you have thrown out Kashmiri Pandits by showing them guns and claiming that Kashmiriyat has a big heart-which is all too visible). You come our colleges- study engineering & other professional degrees with Indian taxpayers money, migrate out to the US/UK and donate your cash in foreign lands to organisation that wage war against India- wow such Kashmiriyat!. You can take your valley, raze all things Indians (including the famous temple in Srinagar like many other Hindu & Buddhist temples that have been razed in Kashmir & Pakistan) but of course we won’t give you Jammu & Ladakh.To begin with you, will have your apples, tourism & Wahabism but after a short while it will be just apples & Wahabism- what a great combination it will be. The Kashmiris with money will then fly to London, Dubai, US or even Delhi while local normal Kashmiris will have to fend for themselves like the citizens of Falluja or Anbar against the tsunami of ISIS led crazy ideology. The amazing thing is that you can’t have the foresight to see this coming.

  2. Omer   June 1, 2016 at 1:04 am

    Joshi , Indian Jawans lmoa… Let me recap some indian history… For more then millenia you have been ruled by muslims and then britishers and even for independence you couldn’t fight and gandhi knew it well and used non- violence bullshit and you shall be thankful to WW II that india got independence otherwise you and all jawans will be cleaning bathrooms nd polishing white asses. Keeping us hostage under guns does not last, 10,000 yeas of history has proved it.

  3. Asgar   May 31, 2016 at 1:38 pm

    By Indian Jawans do u mean indian eunuchs who shower bullets at unarmed students? And take cover a km away when they encounter armed rebels?
    A suggestion to you would be to stop farting here and telling us about your nation’s armed might and concentrate about feeding your countrymen for India has reached top of hunger list, as we here say bhooka nanga hindustan. 😉

  4. Javaid Bin Ashraf   May 31, 2016 at 11:48 am

    Mr. Joshi that is what you can do and what you have been doing, we have never liked India’s illegal occupation and have sacrificed more than a lakh of precious lives but you still say Kashmir is our integral part. But you should remember that we will not give up our right to self determination even if you bribe us with all the wealth your country has….It is a high time to solve the matter once for all. Seperatism is in our blood and you have only two options to solve the issue first- drop a nuclear bomb on kashmir and kill all kashmiris and keep the land and if u dont have the guts then the second option is give us the right to self determination which has been promised to us by India, Pakistan and the international community, the rest u r doing is only the waste of time.

  5. Saqib   May 31, 2016 at 11:36 am

    Nice to hear from you Sachin Joshi…
    Absolutely and I appreciate your views that Indian “Jawans” rather I would be comfortable to call them Indian Dogs, have been assigned to massacre innocent Kashmiris here… and they will piss off if they are out to fight Kashmiris without gun and bullets… What else can one expect from dogs who even don’t know how to live like dogs do…pls…even dogs have become civilized, but they haven’t.

  6. Sachin Joshi   May 31, 2016 at 12:43 am

    Yes indeed…. these so-called ‘students’ should take up STONES and GUNS and BOMBS and face the wrath of the mighty Indian State and undertake Jihad in favor of their Khilafat or whatever … indeed what is the point in wasting precious energies and time in things like cricket or Bollywood or so-called UNSC-permanent seat — who the hell cares even in rest of India for such rubbish — among the sensible lot anyway? GO FOR IT you students and let us see how you match up against Indian jawans — but don’t complain if you get massacred…. PLEASE…!!