Fake money bills against Ministers tea expenditure: Drabu

SRINAGAR: Minister of Finance Haseeb Drabu while presenting Jammu and Kashmir budget on Monday said that the expenditure on tea to ministers and government officials is actually sourced from fake printer cartridge bills.
This he said was a consequences of the austerity measures carried in previous budgets though “undoubtedly an unintended one”.
Drabu said that it may not be inappropriate to say that at times unethical behavior and petty corruption has been a consequence, undoubtedly an unintended one, of budgetary announcements.
For instance, during one of the austerity drives, the big cut that Finance Department enforced was on tea served in offices.
Adding that this tea never actually stopped but its financing changed!
“The tea that Hon’ble Ministers and officers had was paid, if whispers in the secretariat are to be believed, from faking printer cartridge bills!” he lamented.
Saying that This sanctifies unethical behavior and breeds corruption at the lowest level and the system not only condones it but also internalizes it as acceptable behavior.