PDD improving existing HT/LT network

Srinagar: The Deputy Chief Minister, Dr Nirmal Singh Saturday informed the House that PDD is improving and strengthening the existing network within the available resources being made available from time to time under various programmes. He said an amount of Rs. 10 crore each were released during 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2015-16 for improvement of HT/ LT network in the districts of Kashmir valley @ Rs. 10 crore per district per annum. He said accordingly, an amount of Rs. 11.24 lakh have been utilized for improvement of HT/LT network in Sopore constituency during last financial year.
Replying to a question the Deputy Chief Minister said that the 10 MVA power transformer at Seelu did not develop any snag. However he said that the transformer was getting overloaded and was not catering to the load demand especially during peak hours. He said that during peak hours the demand surges to 1220 Amps while the capacity of the transformer was only 525 Amps. He said that as a result the department was forced to go for distress / forced curtailment especially during peak hours.
To address the problem, the Deputy Chief Minister said that the receiving station has recently been augmented from its present capacity of 10.0  MVA to 10+6.3 MVA which has resulted in improvement of power supply to the areas being fed from receiving station Seelu.