BJP accuses NC of creating Salahuddin

BJP accuses NC of creating Salahuddin

Kichloo replies: ‘We have proved time and again how much Indian we are’

SRINAGAR: Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) legislator Vibodh Gupta on Saturday accused National Conference (NC) of compelling United Jehad Council commander, Syed Salahuddin, to pick up gun.
“Who created Salahuddin? In 1987, when NC was losing elections, they collaborated with Delhi and created militants like Syed Salahuddin,” Gupta said during his remarks on the governor’s speech in the upper house of the Assembly.
Gupta said NC was actually concerned about power, which it cannot live without.
“That is why they (NC) produced people like Salahuddin. Is not the NC among founding members of JKLF? Who killed Yusuf? He was killed inside CM’s house. Who is his killer?” Gupta asked.
He questioned NC’s silence over New Delhi’s response to the party’s autonomy resolution.
“They (NC) passed autonomy bill and passed it to New Delhi. At that time Omar Abdullah was a minister playing in Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s lap. Should he not have resigned then? Shouldn’t he have cared about wishes of the J&K people then?” asked Gupta.
“Yesterday, NC members were posing questions about who the killers of Muslims were. Aren’t the three constables who died Muslims? Will this government run on the basis of Hindu and Muslim?”
The legislator said the National Conference did not utter a single word about the policemen while “there is an entire page on these cops in the governor’s address”.
“We need constables and security in our offices and homes,” he said.
National Conference legislator Sajad Kichloo on his part said neither his party nor Omar Abdullah needed a certificate from BJP about their Indian nationality.
“We have proved time and again how much Indian we are. In 1996, when central government announced peace process, it was only Dr Farooq Abdullah who came formed. When situation was worse, we took initiatives. Since 1996 till date, we have lost several field commanders (workers). I don’t think BJP or other parties would have lost so many workers,” Kichloo responded.
He also raised concern over the youths joining militancy in the Valley.
“There has been talk about peace and dialogue. It is nice, but the ground-level truth is that the situation is deteriorating day by day. Our educated youths are joining militancy,” he said.
“There is no focus on that. In the last one year, situation has become bad, beyond our imagination.”
Another BJP legislator Ashok Khajuria said the opposition should abuse Jamiat-e-Islami and Pakistan instead of BJP.
“We are all swayamsewaks of Nagpur and no one can point fingers at us. If you (opposition) has to abuse anyone, abuse Jamiat-e-Islami and Pakistan,” Khajuria said. BJP legislator Ajatshatru Singh said the government should stress on lifting the advisories issued by 10 different countries.
“About 80 lakh tourists come to India, of which J&K only has 1 per cent share. There are 10 countries that have issued travel advisories. The government should take steps towards their withdrawal,” he added.

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