Bhat demands review, transparency in Wullar Development Plan

Srinagar: Former MLA and PDP General Secretary, Nizamudin Bhat has demanded review of Wullar Development and Rehabilitation plan envisaged for Kishen Ganga Project affectees.
In a statement issued here on Friday, Bhat said that that Rs1.20 crore and Rs 2.55 crore were earmarked respectively for Wullar Development and rehabilitation plan and a part of funds in both schemes have been utilized.
Bhat said that review has become necessary as the utilization of funds is not only slow and detrimental for project objectives but there are reports of misuse. He said the money spent on Wullar Development is nowhere visible as the Lake shows no change as was required.
Similarly, the money for rehabilitation is not transparently utilized. “As a result there are misgivings among the actual beneficiaries of project,” he said.
Bhat said in both cases the Development of Bandipore is suffering. He said both projects were expected to change the development scenario and generate employment besides helping the environment.
“However it is unfortunate that reverse is happening on the ground”, he observed adding Wullar is witnessing constant degradation and Kishen Ganga Project has become a scene for protests resulting in chaos.
Bhat said since the new government is focused on appropriate use of funds and early completion of Developmental Projects, both Wullar and Kishen Ganga occupy prime place in the focused scheme. He hoped that authorities will accord importance to the two projects, for thorough review in a transparent manner for adequate use of funds and accomplishing the objectives.