Azadi leaders express gratitude for shutdown

Ready to spill our blood, if need be: Malik
Mirwaiz says people’s anger genuine, natural
We welcome tourists but can’t close our eyes, says Geelani

SRINAGAR: The pro-freedom leaders on Thursday expressed their gratitude to the people of Kashmir Valley for observing shutdown against the government’s alleged plans to change demography of the state.
Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), Muhammad Yasin Malik, condemned the police action against the pro-freedom leadership and termed it as the “most undemocratic, uncivilised and unethical behavior of the so-called rulers”.
Malik, who was taken into custody by police on Wednesday, said “so-called regime” has shown its real “dictatorial face” by putting all its opponents behind bars and suppressing their voices.
“These oppressive measures cannot shake our confidence or deter us from perusing the path of truth and resistance. The so-called rulers and their masters in Delhi and Nagpur must know that these undemocratic acts will yield them nothing but shame,” he said in a statement issued here.
Through today’s peaceful protest shutdown, the people of Jammu and Kashmir, he said, have shown their anger against the proposed “conspiratorial plots of the rulers”.
“They (rulers) want to grab more and more Kashmiri land, change its demography, and turn majority into minority by constructing separate Israeli-type settlement colonies for Pandits, soldiers and homeless outsiders and also by implementing East India company-type new industrial policy,” he said.
Kashmiris, irrespective of their religious beliefs, cast, creed and colour, stand united against the “nefarious designs of India and its Kashmiri stooges”, Malik said.
“Today’s protest shutdown is a good example of Kashmiri peoples’ will,” he said. “The people of Kashmir will remain steadfast against these evil designs and if rulers do not halt these conspiratorial designs immediately, this protest and resistance will only grow stronger.”
“If our blood is needed to stop the implementation of these evil designs, we will not shy away from spilling that too, because these issues are threatening our very existence. As a living nation we will do everything possible to safeguard our national interests,” the JKLF chairman said.
‘Will not allow implementation of RSS agenda’
Thanking the people for observing “exemplary” shutdown jointly called by the pro-freedom leadership, chairman Hurriyat Conference (G), Syed Ali Geelani, reiterated the call for holding peaceful protest demonstration after the Friday prayers.
In a statement issued here, he said that until the government completely shuns these “dangerous” and “anti-Kashmir” ideas, the protests will continue.
“We will not allow the implementation of the RSS agendas in Jammu and Kashmir at any cost,” he said.
“We welcome the tourists with open arms and our nation feels pride in serving them here, but we can’t close our eyes from our national responsibilities and nor will we allow the communal Sangh Parivar to do whatever they want in this Muslim majority region,” he said.
Geelani criticized the pro-Indian political parties, including PDP and NC, for playing similar roles role during their regimes and obeying New Delhi’s orders.
“The policy makers of India are using every method and tactic to suppress the peaceful voices of the Kashmiri people and to eliminate their Muslim identity, and these local parties play the role of facilitators for the New Delhi,” he said. “The PDP is lying about the sainik and Pandit colonies but the Sangh Parivar leaders every time and everyday counter their lies and expose them before the public.
Meanwhile, the conglomerate said a crackdown has been launched against its members. It condemned the police action.
‘Clear position on controversial issues’
Chairman Hurriyat Conference (M), Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, said the people’s anger and resistance against the “anti-people” policies of the government were “genuine and natural”.
“The peoples’ anger and the expression of their strong resistance is genuine and natural because of the conflicting statements of the two main partners of the coalition government over the very vital issues concerning the political, economic, and social interests of the people of Kashmir,” he said in a statement issued here.
Mirwaiz, who was placed under house arrest on Wednesday morning, said the united pro-freedom camp has already made clear its stand on the concerned issues.
“The setting up of sainik colonies, satellite townships for Kashmiri Pandits, houses for the labourers working in Kashmir, and the new anti-Kashmiri industrial policy is not acceptable to us and we will oppose these steps of the government tooth and nail,” he said.
Instead of making “confusing statements”, the government must make its position clear on these issues, he said.
Terming Kashmiri Pandits a “part and parcel” of Kashmiri society, the Hurriyat (M) chairman said his conglomerate does not object to the financial packages offered to the ministry community.
Hurriyat (M) as well as the entire population of Kashmir would welcome their return to their homes and hearths “so that they start living amid communal amity and dignity in the Valley, like in the past”, he said.
Mirwaiz condemned the arrest and confinement of the pro-freedom leaders and activists. He termed it as the “frustration of the government”.
Meanwhile, a spokesman of the conglomerate said the complete shutdown observed across Kashmir should serve as an eye-opener for the government of India and “its collaborators” in the state, he said.
The spokesman said the suppressive tactics have neither been able to “break the will of the people or the resistance leadership in the past nor would they be able to do so in the future”.