Selectors watch IPL on TV to get a better idea of players: Patil

MUMBAI: Mumbai: National selection committee chief Sandeep Patil today said he and his colleagues in the panel prefer to catch IPL matches on TV instead of stadium as staying away from the games gives them a better idea of the participating players’ calibre.
“I would like to clarify one thing, it is not that we don’t watch IPL, we watch it on television. The problem is, if you watch it in the stadium, you don’t get to see action replays, when you are particularly watching a youngster,” Patil told reporters after the Indian squads for the forthcoming tours of Zimbabwe and West Indies were announced.
“Now, in IPL we are watching most of the performances of youngsters and TV gives us more opportunities because they show not one but 10-15 replays, so that’s why we have preferred it. It’s not that we are against (going to the stadium),” the former India player said.
“By staying away from IPL games, we get a better opportunity to assess the calibre of a player on television,” he added.
Currently the ninth season of the IPL is underway.