Minister’s communal remarks: Azadi leaders lash out at Singh

Minister’s communal remarks: Azadi leaders lash out at Singh

Ready for anything, I shall be first one to die if need be: Geelani to people

SRINAGAR: The pro-freedom camp on Sunday lambasted the cabinet minister Chaudhary Lal Singh for his reported communal remarks, with Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani, asking people to be ready for any kind of situation. Minister for Forest, Environment and Ecology, Choudhary Lal Singh, had made a communal remark by referring to 1947, when Muslims in the region were massacred during Indo-Pak partition. Singh had reportedly told a delegation of Jammu Muslims that if they have forgotten the massacre of Muslims in the region in 1947.
An application had reportedly been submitted to police for FIR against the minister. Expressing his deep concern and anguish over the “anti-Muslim” and “venomous” statement of Singh, chairman Hurriyat Conference (G), Syed Ali Geelani, said that the outburst “of the communal minister of a puppet government” is the perfect reflection of the mindset of RSS and the Sang Parivar.
Geelani, in a statement issued here, appealed Kashmiri people to be mentally prepared for any kind of situation.
“If need arises, I will be the first person to offer my life for the honour, identity and freedom of the Kashmiri nation.”
He said the rightwing forces were “practically waiting” for another 1947-like bloodshed of the innocent Muslims in the Jammu region.
He, however, cautioned them, saying, “Any untoward incident with any Jammu Muslim will invite major storm in the entire state which will wash away the Lal Singh-like people and they will find no place to hide”. Hurriyat (G) chairman demanded registration of FIR against the erring minister.
“He has displayed his level of mental illness and madness, and instead of sitting on a ministerial chair, his place should be behind the bars,” he said.
While commenting over the recent statements of the BJP state president Sat Sharma and MLC Surinder Ambardar regarding the “most sensitive” issues of sainik and Pandit colonies, Geelani said, “Although a PDP minister has been permanently deployed to befool people and lie on the TV over this topic, the silence of Mehbooba Mufti in this regard is an obvious proof that she had sold everything of Kashmir to the Bhajpa in the name of ‘Agenda of Alliance’ and had made Kashmir a hunting place for the communal forces of India.”
He said the people were being deliberately kept in dark about the establishing of separate clusters for the retired Indian army men and Pandits.
“Hurriyat Conference is closely and keenly watching the situations and is collecting facts and evidences in this regard. The dual policy of the state government will get exposed very soon and the secret deal of the BJP and PDP will be before the public,” Geelani said.
He said NC, PDP, and the state Congress were “collectively responsible” for the pathetic condition of the Kashmiri nation. They have no other interest but to reach the chair of power, he said.

‘Mental frustration’
The JKLF (R) patron, Barrister Ab Majid Trumbo, termed the minister’s remarks against Jammu Muslims as “his mental frustration”.
In a statement issued here, Trumbo said, “We are with Jammu Muslims and if anything untoward happened to them, he (Singh) will have to face the consequences.” He said that it was very unfortunate that persons like Singh exist in the society.
“Jammu Kashmir is not a personal property of any body. It is a disputed territory. We know him. We know his mindset too, but he should keep in mind that we are at the back of our Muslim brethren in Jammu,” JKLF (R) patron said.
“It is shocking that instead of feeling shame for Jammu massacre in 1947, these persons are feeling proud of it,” he said.
Trumbo also paid tributes to the militants killed in an encounter in Kupwara district of north Kashmir.

‘Exposes sinister policies of Hindutva forces’
Dukhatarn-e-Millat chairperson, Syedah Aasiyeh Andrabi, said the statement by Singh against the Jammu Muslims exposes the “sinister policies of Hindutva forces against the Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir”.
In a statement issued here, Andrabi said, “What Lal Singh said is nothing new; these communal forces have been doing it for the past seven decades. In 1947, in a span of just three months, they reduced the Muslim community of Jammu from 61 per cent to 38 per cent by massacring lakhs of them.”
She said that Singh’s statement exposes the “conspiracy employed and believed in” by the Hindutva forces in J&K.
She said Singh was “anti-Muslim” and “anti-Islam”. “This man has always been spewing venom against Muslims and Islam,” she added. The DeM chief called for a unanimous resistance against such forces and their anti-Muslim policies.
“There is an utmost need of joint resistance against all these forces and we must stand up and resist these anti-Islam forces,” she added. She assured “complete support” to the Muslims of Jammu.

‘Singh’s fascist mindset revealed’
Terming the “threatening remarks” of BJP minister as his “mental disturbance”, the Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) said the Muslims of Jammu Kashmir could not be scared with “hooliganism”.
In a statement issued to press, the party’s general secretary, Moulana Abdullah Tari, said Singh’s intimidating remarks against Muslims reveal his frustration. He asked Jammu Muslims not to feel alone as the people of all the regions of the state are at their back.
“People like Lal Singh must bear in mind that the state is not anyone’s property. The greed of power has made this BJP minister change so many parties till date, and now through such provocative and non-sense remarks he has badly exposed his cheap nature,” Tari said.
Tari said the same “coward” and “fascist mindset” people made a history in 1947 by massacring 4 lakh Muslims in Jammu. “We have not forgotten that holocaust but the wounds are still afresh. We also assure our Muslim brethren in Jammu that Kashmiri people are always with them and that they need not worry about anything,” he said.
The DFP general secretary said any untoward incident against the Jammu Muslims will ignite a fire that “will engulf the whole state”.

KCSDS says statement hints at repeat of 1947 massacre
Kashmir Centre for Social and Developmental Studies (KCSDS) said Singh obviously meant that 1947 massacre of Muslims in Jammu could be repeated any time. “This shameful, sordid, and communalist stinking statement is outrageous to say the least. It is highly condemnable that FIR sought to be filed by Muslims of Jammu has not been registered. It is equally condemnable that chief minister has not taken note of this deplorable statement,” the group said in a statement issued here.
It said the minister must be immediately sacked without a second thought and criminal proceedings initiated against him. “It is odious to the soul that Lal Singh takes pride in the carnage of Muslims in Jammu city in 1947 in the manipulated communal holocaust,” KCSDS said.
“The fascist outpouring of Singh is an eye opener for all Muslims, particularly those who live across Pir Panjal, who live in fool’s paradise that they will be spared in any onslaught against Muslims as a community.”

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